Main Process Drayage -> Storage ->

->Wholesale Distribution->FBA Forwarding

->Truck Distribution->Parcel Distribution
Customers prepare their goods to SP warehouse. When the FBA inventory is insufficient, our warehouse can make up the inventory in time.We are a world-class order fulfillment company tha t elevates expectations by pursuing perfection. We believe our most important job is to help your business succeed and grow. That makes us the best Amazon fulfillment alternative.SP offers fast and reliable packing and shipping services. That’s why sellers choose SP as their Amazon fulfillment alternative.
Unprecedented Flexibility

Whether you need on-demand forward stocking, dedicated facilities, or anything in-between, you’re covered with SP

Capacity That Scales With You

Never outgrow your supply chain. It’s like cloud storage – when you need more, you get it. When you need less, you pay less.

Complete Omnichannel Coverage

Want to be truly omnichannel? Now you can. We’re built to seamlessly support both B2B and B2C fulfillment across our entire network.

Competitive Shipping Rates

Average 24% reduction in transportation cost. For both B2B and B2C transportation