Q: Do you own and operate your facilities?

Yes. We own and operate all three warehouses (and more to come) strategically placed across the county to provide complete 2-day ground coverage for customers. We are not middlemen or brokers.

Q: How do you handle liability for the goods in your warehouses?

Each of our warehouses maintains insurance and assumes liability for any loss or damage to goods caused by them or their negligence. Full-risk cargo insurance can be purchased through Stord at a competitive cost.

Q: How is inventory tracked in the SP Warehouses, and what happens if there is an inventory discrepancy?

Each warehouse scans products moving in and out of the warehouse, with all movement tracked in the SP platform, so you have the most real-time view of your inventory. We run standard cycle counts to ensure your internal inventory report matches ours, and you can request a cycle-count on-demand at any time. Your dedicated Operations Specialist will identify and resolve any discrepancies.

Q: Can I use the Return Processing service with SP, or do I have to use all of your services?

Yes. And we will arrange the most suitable warehouses according to your needs.

Clients interested in querying for services or requesting elaboration on certain services could feel free to contact SP via email at Please specify company information, product description, and services of interest for a prompt response. Thank you.